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Top 10 car for PCO hire in London:
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Top 10 car for PCO hire in London:

As a part-time or even full-time job, being a private hire driver will always be beneficial. Because you will always have customers, you can work anytime you want and you can work as much as you want to earn as much as you need. As a result, choosing a PCO hire plays an important role in this issue. In this article we are going to introduce top 10 cars for PCO hire in London and provide the weekly rental fees, so that you can decide which one perfectly matches you.

In this article you will read about:

  • What is a PCO car?
  • Why is being a private hire driver needed everywhere?
  • Top 10 car for PCO hire in London + weekly rental fees
  • Conclusion

What is a PCO car?

PCO cars are usually 4-door or minivan private cabs who work for Uber or internet taxi services. As a private cab or private hire driver, the driver should be under the command of the passenger as long as they pay. There are a few conditions that a private hire cab or PCO driver must have which includes:

  1. Having a valid PCO license. (you can learn more what a PCO license is through this link).
  2. Having a valid driving license.
  3. Being 21 or older.
  4. Having an accepted vehicle (minivans or 4-door cars- can be personal or hired).

Why is being a private hire driver needed everywhere?

As the transportation systems of a country might not be enough, private hire drivers become really vital. Besides being a private hire driver can be a good source of income for those who don't earn enough. Even if you don’t have a personal car to work on this occasion, you can easily rent a PCO and work in your free time to increase your monthly income.














Top 10 car for PCO hire in London + weekly rental fees:

Are you looking for a suitable PCO car to hire in London? Do you wish to rent a normal 4-door car or an MVP? Does it matter to you to pay over £150 or less? So, read this part carefully to get your answers.

if you are looking for a cheaper fee following options would be suitable:

  • Toyota Prius (hybrid) £125 per week. £500.00 deposit. 5 seats, 4-doors. Hybrid energy and hatchback.
  • Toyota Prius plus (hybrid) £140 per week. £500.00 deposit. 7 seat, MVP hybrid.
  • Volkswagen £140 per week. £500.00 deposit, 7 seat MVP diesel.
  • Toyota corolla (hybrid) £140 per week. £500.00 deposit, 5 seat saloon.

If you are looking for a better car following options would be suitable. Of course these ones are more expensive:

  • Kia Niro £180 per week. Fully electric, 5 seats estate, £500.00 deposit.
  • Nissan leaf £180 per week. Fully electric, 5 seats hatchback, £500.00 deposit.
  • Toyota Prius (plug-in) £180 per week. 5 seats and Hybrid electric, £500.00 deposit.
  • Mercedes Benz (E-class) £260 per week. 5 seats and diesel, £500.00 deposit.

Note that if you couldn’t pay £500.00 deposit up-front, you can pay on weekly installments. In other words, the weekly rental fee would be increased.

Other top choices of PCO car in London would be:

  • Ford Galaxy
  • Vauxhall Zafira

Both are MVP 7-seater which are suitable choices for PCO hire in London.


You might find a better match apart from the mentioned cars though these were the top ones because of the rental fees, models, etc.

This is totally up to you to choose a car for your PCO hire. We hope that this article was useful for you to choose a suitable PCO car.

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