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how to get pco car license
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how to get pco car license

pco car is a name that is familiar to all Londoners and tourists from all over the world, but for those who do not know what pco car is, this article is intended to introduce it to you. As the UK's busiest city, London attracts nearly 30 million travelers from around the world each year; An opportunity that has created intense competition between different agencies, each of which in turn cooperates in attracting passengers. This opportunity is pco car, that has made this big economic city a competitive enterprise between companies as well as individuals. In pco car, expensive cars with experienced drivers (those who have a pco hire car license), are provided to tourists at the most appropriate prices in order to try to attract more tourists. In the meantime, people whose job is driving can also participate in this competition along with companies and contribute to attracting customers in London. They also have an excellent source of income in a short time and with high flexibility. But like any other job, getting a PCO license is a must, and not everyone can enroll in this job just by having a regular license or having a car. Obtaining a license requires going through the steps outlined below:














pco car hire license

If you are looking for a safe and flexible way to earn money with the requested driving programs or in other word on-demand driving apps, if you want to enjoy being with other people and tourists, pco license is a term that you must have heard of or have ever applied for. so You are aware of the conditions and how to obtain this license. but If you have only heard the term and have not acted on it, we need to remind you that the pco license is an essential license for people who want to be active in the London's transport and travel industry, whether you want to enter this job alone or register in a reputable company, you need to get your pco license to be able to start a new business. But the question is, what do you need to know? Where to apply for a license? And what are its positive or negative aspects? We have prepared a Table of contents below, so that you can find the answers to all your questions in this regard by referring to it:

pco car license table of content

Here are some answers to pco car license questions. This is our most up to date information on pco car license.

What does pco car license refers to?

One of the most important conditions for obtaining a pco car license is to have a car. pco car refers to four-door private cars or minivans that must meet all the necessary standards for travel from the London Transport Authority; In other words, these cars must meet the required standards. The Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy to improve the air quality of the city of London, as well as to increase the safety of passengers, is to set an age limit for taxis and private cars. If your car or the vehicle you are about to buy is old or seriously damaged, it will not be licensed.

pco car license conditions for a car

As of January 1, 2012, the following has been applied to rental cars:

  1. Private vehicles that are 10 years old or older are not licensed; From 4 months after this date, the age limit of cars reached 5 years.
  2. From the above date, personal belongings must comply with Euro 4 standards, otherwise they will not be licensed.

What conditions do an individual need to get a pco car license?

Another requirement for obtaining a pco car license is that three years have passed since driving in London to gain sufficient driving experience; In addition, you need other requirements for obtaining a pco car license:

First of all, you must be 21 years of age and. Second of all you need to meet your full Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency license, at least for three years old. The third element is that you be able to live in England; Either be a UK citizen or have a residence permit. According to the latest decree of the Mayor of London, those who do not have this license do not have the right to drive. Moreover, you need to face these documents and overcome them:

Individual requirements to get pco car license

  1. Your Disclosure and Barring Service check: This is a review of your criminal record showing details of all convictions, reprimands and final warnings contained in Central Police files (excluding convictions and protected precautions).
  2. Proof that your mentally and medically fit.

General skills for pco car license

  1. Provide a topographic proficiency certificate from a reputable assessment center: topographic skills certificate, is a test to ensure drivers have the necessary understanding of how maps work. Whether you were born and raised in London or just getting to know your way around the city. You must take this test.
  2. English language certificate: you must Prove your English skills, by passing an English language test. To get the license, the Transport for London Authority requires you to have a good understanding of English language. Here is a list of the following:
  • You must be able to read, write, speak and listen as well as IELTS.
  • Having the SELT certificate at B1 level or higher.
  • BSc Hons degree or higher i.e. master’s, PhD
  • An A level certificate of UK AS-Level
  • UK HNC/HND qualification

Once you have successfully completed all the above steps and documents, you can submit your PCO license application to Transport for London. After starting the registration and completing the steps, log in and follow the instructions. After all you probably want to know how much does a pco car license cost?

A pco car license costs around 700 in total, but it should be noted that getting this license can vary greatly depending on your specific circumstances. If you already have the necessary documents, you will pay less; But if you need courses to prepare for your assessment or exam, your costs may increase a bit. And finally, depending on your skills, you may try a test at once or On several occasions, which in turn determines the costs.

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